Infrastructure and regulation of the digital economy

28 Aug 2018, 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Strelka Institute, Moscow

How to create an environment in which modern technologies can flourish and transform the Russian economy

How to create an environment in which modern technologies can flourish and transform the Russian economy
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Infrastructure and regulation of the digital economy
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Digitising the Russian Economy

The importance of digitalisation cannot be overstated. Not since the Industrial Revolution has society undergone such a profound change. Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain have the potential to dramatically improve people’s quality of life — bring us better public services, help us develop affordable and high-quality medicine, transform business and create new employment opportunities.

To ensure that we realise the benefits of digital technologies, we need to create an environment in which it can thrive. We need to put in place the right regulatory regime. Businesses need to know how to integrate these technologies and raise investment for their development, and there needs to be a legal framework for them to do both easily. Governments also need to make sure these technologies improve the living standards of their citizens, rather than taking society in the negative direction many fear it might.

‘Infrastructure and regulation of the digital economy' will see researchers, analysts and representatives from across an array of industries, including tech, finance, the public sector and the media, lead discussion on optimal regulatory environments, the digitalization of public services, workforce and competencies, cities of the future and other aspects of building digital economies, culminating in an open lecture by David Rowan, Editor-in-chief of Wired U. K........
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Binary District X Strelka

This is the first event in a three-day conference, «Digital economics: perspective of realization in Russia», taking place over the 28−30 August, which will be focused on establishing the conditions needed to create a thriving digital economy in Russia.

The conference is a part of the Binary District X Strelka summer programme. The programme involves a series of educational events about digital technologies and innovations, featuring Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, kickstarter.com co-founder Charles Adler, former Google data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, founder and CEO of Waves Platform and Vostok project Sasha Ivanov, Vice president of the block for the development of digital and new business VimpelCom George Held, CEO of lab. ag studio and expert of the Committee on Development of information society at the Federal Council Artyom Geller and other guests.


Sasha Ivanov

Founder and CEO of Waves Platform

Further details
David Rowan
Editor, Wired UK
Irina Sirenko
Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow
Olga Tkachenko
Head of Center of Justice Innovations «MTS»
Anton Lebedev
Deputy Director of the Department of "Public Administration" of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
Nikolay Korzhenevskiy
Financial analyst, economic observer of the TV channel "Russia 24"
Nikolay Tsekhomskiy
First deputy chairman of the board of Vnesheconombank
Aleksey Chukarin
Deruty director of ​​the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow
Alesya Mamchur
Director of the Office of Digital Economy Projects of Rostelecom
Denis Nagi
CEO, Dolfin
Sergey Grebennikov
Head of Regional public organization "Center for Internet Technologies"


11:00 am — 12:30 pm
Discussion “Digital infrastructure”
  • Russian technological revolution: guidelines of digital economies' development by 2024
  • New technologies and their influence on traditional sectors of economies, starting with transportation and energy and finishing with digital healthcare services and the industrial sector
  • The adoption of digital technologies and cloud-based solutions for public management and public services
  • Evolution of financial technologies: payments and transfers, crowdfunding, assets management, marketplaces, blockchain-solutions
3:00 pm — 5:00 pm
Discussion “Regulation of digital economies”
  • Creating a favourable regulatory environment for digital economies
  • Main aspects of legal regulation of digital economies that we are expecting in 2019: anti-monopoly regulation, preservation of information as a civil matter, status determination of digital technologies in finance (including technologies of distributed registries), definition of smart-contracts and digital documents
  • Regulatory standard: how to avoid the temptation to regulate enterprise
  • Main risks of setting new rules: what branch of digital economics needs tightening of Safeguard the right to privacy
  • Big data regulation: legal handling of big data and state control of big data
7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Open lecture by David Rowan, Editor-in-chief, Wired UK