Blockchain Meetup
Wed, 31 January 2018, 18:00 - 21:00
Amsterdam, Primalbase
Network architecture, Solutions, Consensus protocols, and why it is important
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Blockchain technology has been lauded as one of the most disruptive technologies of recent times. It is therefore no wonder that it continues to command attention across industry and academia, as well as inspire numerous startups worldwide.

Despite its massive potential, blockchain technology is still relatively immature. For this reason, we are yet to see working examples of its wider adoption in mainstream industries. Before this can happen, it is imperative that issues surrounding the security and stability of blockchain are resolved.

The meetup will feature presentations and discussions covering the primary concern in the future development of blockchain - ensuring its security and stability.

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How secure is blockchain really?

Security is one of the core principles underlying Blockchain technology. It is for this reason that it had been integrated into several industries looking to streamline processes by removing intermediaries and controlling bodies.

However, before implementing blockchain technology, it is important to review and verify that the proposed network architecture and conditions do not lead to future security issues.

Join us in evaluating the the current state of blockchain technology and its maturity; exploring potential security risks; and examining methods to maintain the security and stability of blockchain applications.
About the speakers
Peter Todd as a Bitcoin Core developer and longtime contributor to its open source code, Peter Todd is justifiably considered one of the best applied cryptographers in the blockchain technology. Todd is the author of multiple theoretical papers, with a strong focus on the security and stability of blockchain. He has also been very vocal about the issue of scalability - he is an ardent proponent of maintaining decentralisation, and is critical of blockchains that propose a centralised base protocol layer. Todd is also involved with the Bitcoin startup Coinkite and Dark Wallet.
Moderator: Mix
Mix is a senior reporter for The Next Web, covering internet culture, security and cryptocurrency. In his free time, he likes to engage in heated arguments with his readers and ruminate over the future of technology.
Peter Todd
Bitcoin Core Developer
18:00 — 18:30
18:30 — 18:45
Binary District collaborative technology community
Fostering learning and innovation
18:45 — 19:00
Visions of stable and secure future in blockchain tech
Mix, Moderator, senior reporter for The Next Web
19:00 — 19:30
Security and Stability of blockchains
Peter Todd, Bitcoin core developer
19:30 — 19:45
Fireside chat
Peter Todd, Bitcoin core developer
Mix, Moderator, senior reporter for The Next Web
19:45 — 20:00
Closing remarks
20:00 — 21:00
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