Blockchain Meetup
Tue, 16 January 2018, 18:00 - 21:00
London, The Oval Space, Pickle Factory
Government and Society: Can blockchain bring simplicity, convenience, and efficiency to government services?
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The potential of blockchain technology extends far beyond digital currencies and financial applications. There is so much room for innovation and creative solutions.

Using blockchain to support government agencies is a primary example of this. Blockchain provides governments a unique opportunity to simplify its interactions with citizens, improve information security and streamline public services.

We investigate how Blockchain can be utilised for social good.
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Blockchain and government services

Blockchain is a secure, distributed, inexpensive and open digital ledger technology. As such, it provides the perfect solution for upgrading government services.

A number of progressive governments are already working on integrating the technology: Sweden is exploring the using blockchain to back real estate transactions, while Estonia has established a system for tracking medical records, as well as an e-residency program, build on blockchain.

Join us in exploring how blockchains can be implemented to support government agencies and public services, examining the technical and legal constraints, reviewing examples of global governments that have already adopted blockchain technology, and discussing future trends in the digitisation of government services.
About the speakers
Patrick McCorry is a Research Associate at University College London. His focus is cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, cryptography and decentralised systems. McCorry is the UK’s first PhD graduate in Cryptocurrencies and his work has recently been presented at Devcon3, Scaling Bitcoin 2017, Breaking Bitcoin 2017 and BPASE 2018 alongside numerous academic venues.

Daniel Gasteiger has over 20 year experience in the financial services sector. Before co-founding Procivis, an electronic ID solutions company built on integrated e-government platform eID+, Gasteiger began his career as as an FX trader at Credit Suisse. He then went on to work at UBS where he built up and managed the Office of the Chairman as a Managing Director.

Moderator: Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant is a consultant, speaker, writer, and educator in the fields of technology and media. He works to help technology companies craft a narrative around their products and business, and to media companies develop new products. He was previously Editor-in-Chief of international technology publication The Next Web, and Community Editor at Tech North, where he shone a light on the stories of startups and entrepreneurs in the North of England.
Patrick McCorry
Research Associate at University College London
Daniel Gasteiger
Founder and CEO of Procivis
Martin Bryant
The event will be moderated by Martin Bryant, consultant, speaker, writer, and educator
18:00 — 18:30
18:30 — 18:45
Binary District collaborative technology community
Fostering learning and innovation
18:45 — 19:00
Blockchain-powered e-governance
Martin Bryant, Moderator
19:00 — 19:30
The Open Vote Network
Patrick McCorry, Research Associate at University College London
Decentralised Boardroom Voting as A Smart Contract
19:30 — 20:00
Blockchain as an Enabler for e-Government and Digital Societies
Daniel Gasteiger, Founder and CEO of Procivis
20:00 — 20:15
A fireside chat with Daniel Gasteiger and Patrick McCorry
Daniel Gasteiger, Founder and CEO of Procivis
Patrick McCorry, Research Associate at University College London
20:15 — 21:00
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