Aug 29, 2018, 3:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Strelka Institute
Education, science and promising technologies
What do universities need to prepare their students for in the international labour market? What competencies do businesses require?
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Digital technologies require a strong pipeline of talent, whether it be in the development phase or by business for adoption. However, STEM has long suffered from a dearth of talent, with demand famously outstripping supply.

The causes of this are complex and the solutions much debated. The problems start early in education, where children need to be encouraged to study subjects useful for technology’s advancement. It requires engagement between business and academia to ensure the necessary skills are being taught at university, while senior business leaders need to understand technology at a level where they can hire the right person for a role.

‘Education, science and promising technologies' will see leading experts from industry, government and academia come together to discuss the challenges faced in the digital labour market and how to create an infrastructure that provides the necessary pipeline of tech talent.
Discussion “How to prepare human resources for digital economics”
Discussion “Forming researching input”