Nov 12, 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Primalbase, Berlin
At the cutting edge
Technology is evolving at an astonishing rate - meet the startups creating the future.
The Startups Creating the Future
Imagine our world 40 years from now. Whatever picture you have in your head, it is likely you see tech giants such as Google’s fingerprints all over it. But while their work is impressive, it is the startups you likely haven’t heard of who are creating the truly groundbreaking new products. They are the ones pushing the boundaries of tech that little bit further, often in strange and unexpected new ways.

Whether it’s biochips, holographic displays, self-healing systems, advanced robotics… technology is evolving at an astonishing rate. These will transform the world we live in, and if they do, it will not be under the bonnet. They will completely revolutionise our day-to-day existence and the societies we live in.

This groundbreaking event will provide a platform for those really building the technologies of tomorrow. You’ll hear from the most exciting projects and learn
The event is for
Hear about some of the latest tech in development and discover its potential to impact your business in the years to come.
Early adopters
Hear about exciting new trends and get first-hand predictions of future opportunities.
Startup founders and entrepreneurs
Maximise any opportunities the meeting of new technologies creates and find ways to integrate them into your vision.
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