Nov 26, 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Primalbase, Berlin
Blockchain and GDPR: Friends or Foes?
Blockchain technology and GDPR may seem at odds with one another at first glance - how can we ensure a cohesive working relationship?
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Blockchain and GDPR: Friends or Foes?
GDPR compliance is an often neglected part of blockchain applications. GDPR needs to be considered by design. This is especially true in distributed ledger technology, where problems in an immutable system are difficult or impossible to fix after the system goes live. GDPR compliance for blockchains still faces a lot of legal uncertainty. Projects like DIN SPEC 4997 - Privacy by Blockchain Design - as well as this conference, aim to improve clarity and to establish best practices.

This conference is a unique opportunity for the Primalbase community and others in the blockchain space to be part of an in-depth discussion between legal and technical experts. After a day of intense discussions with more than a dozen presentations have addressed specific