Aug 21, 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Primalbase, Berlin
Rust in Blockchain meetup
Blockchain Meetup
Nervos and Rust in Blockchain
Two of blockchain’s greatest challenges are security and speed. The language used to build blockchain products is vital in overcoming these. Join us in Berlin this August 21st for an in depth look at one languages with the most potential to help overcome these issues — Rust.

Rust ( is an ideal language in which to build blockchain products. With a similar syntax to C++, Rust benefits from similar levels of security and speed. It is a strongly typed language with some clear advantages (and pitfalls) when compared to its more popular counterparts.

Rust is not easy to learn and put into action, though. At this evening event, you will gain a greater understanding of how Rust works — how it achieves the flexibility and functionality that makes it something every blockchain developer should consider making a part of their arsenal. You’ll learn about its ability to protect against common bugs and how
Aimee Zhu
Aimee is an active Rust community member, organized RustCon Asia and other Rust community events as well. After working on Rust in Blockchain newsletter, Aimee has recently started setting up Rust in Blockchain community. Rust in Blockchain is a monthly newsletter focused on Rust programming and blockchain development, with a view to bringing engineering insight and experience to blockchain technology.
Some of the field's renowned figures share their knowledge and answer your questions.
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