Sep 17, 2019, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Primalbase, London
Tech Dives: Do Blockchain & AI work together?
Two technologies, clouded by intense media hype, scrutinised for their potential to combine.
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Blockchain Meetup
Do blockchain and AI work together?
Blockchain and AI have generated both huge interest and investment from public and private sectors alike. While their potential is there for all to see, their potential to transform industries has often been clouded by intense media hype. Furthermore, many are now mentioning the two in the same breath, with companies such as SingularityNET building decentralised AI solutions and using blockchain to improve the quality of data in their machine learning models.

Many dismiss this as a cynical marketing exercise, but is there a grain of truth there? Are companies that claim to have combined the two to deadly effect set to change the world, or does the emperor have no clothes?

This meetup will see leading researchers and developers from across blockchain and AI explore these two technologies potential to join forces. You’ll hear unbiased, hype-free viewpoints and gain an inside look into current blockchain and AI
The event is for
Business Managers
This event will help you fully understand whether AI and blockchain used together can impact your business and help you in the years to come.
Blockchain Developers and engineers
Discover cases where blockchain and AI intersect, share your thoughts about the feasibility of such solutions, and discuss the technical need for the two to be used together.
Startup founders and entrepreneurs
Maximise any opportunities the meeting of these technologies creates and find ways they can combine.
Data scientists and AI developers
Learn whether blockchain can help with data provenance and transparency to ensure data quality, or whether technical limitations prevent it.
Top 3 reasons to attend this event
Learn from leading experts working at the top of their field
Meet members of different developer communities and explore opportunities for collaboration
Have your say on the matter in interactive panel sessions
Doors open
Intro and welcome
A New World Of Decentralised Possibilities
Toby Simpson
Panel discussion: Can AI and blockchain be effectively integrated?
David Wood
Irene Lopez de Vallejo
Fernando Martinho
Laurence Kirk
Networking and drinks