Blockchain Meetup

Zero knowledge proof protocols

Tue, 6 February 2018, 19:00 - 22:00
Digital October Center, Moscow

Is this a move towards perfectly untraceable digital money?

Is this a move towards perfectly untraceable digital money?
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Zero knowledge proof protocols
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Transactions anonymity in the cryptocurrency space is undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics. While there are already several projects which focus on providing anonymity, one technology protocol is offering a fundamentally different way of transacting.

The zero-knowledge proof protocol enables one party to prove to another party that a given statement is true without having to convey any information beyond that fact.

The event will begin with a discussion on the transactional languages behind Bitcoin, Nxt and Ethereum, then will go on to examine specific features of Ergo, Tezos, Plutus and other cryptocurrencies. We will explore the compromises that developers have to make in order to extend functionality as well as the convenience and effectiveness of current programming languages. We will also delve into the issues surrounding existing systems and analyse proposed solutions.

Finally, we will investigate the zero-knowledge proof protocol that is subverting the way in which distributed ledgers have traditionally worked.
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The future of privacy?

If Bitcoin is the ‘http' of money, then Zcash is ‘https', in that it represents a secure transport layer.

The project is pioneering the use of zero-knowledge proof protocol and applying advanced cryptography to the principles and mechanisms of blockchain technology. Ultimately, it can be seen as the first step towards increasing privacy on public blockchains, and developing a new class of blockchain applications.

Find out how Zcash facilitates private and secure transactions from the creator of the zero knowledge proof protocol -- Zooko Wilcox.
About the speakers
ZCash CEO and Computer security expert, Zooko Wilcox, has over 20 years of experience in decentralized systems, cryptography and information security under his belt. In his own words he has made a career working on the thing he loves: «technology that protects and empowers people». He has notably contributed to DigiCash and Mojo Nation; co-invented ZRTP and Tahoe-LAFS; and is the co-author of BLAKE2 and SPHINCS. He is also the Founder of Least Authority.

Alexander Chepurnoy is an experienced engineer and researcher. His primary research interests include Functional Programming and Programming Languages Theory. He worked for many many years on data harvesting and analysis tools, before co-founding and and taking on a position as a core developer of Nxt cryptocurrency. He is currently working on various research projects at IOHK as well as the development of Ergo Platform.


Zooko Wilcox
ZCash CEO and Computer security expert
Alexander Chepurnoy
Сo-founder of Ergo platform, researcher at IOHK


7:00 pm — 7:30 pm
7:30 pm — 7:45 pm
Binary District collaborative technology community
Fostering learning and innovation
7:45 pm — 8:15 pm
Zcash & Internet of Money
Zooko Wilcox, ZCash CEO and Computer security expert
8:15 pm — 8:45 pm
Smart contract languages
Alexander Chepurnoy, Сo-founder of Ergo platform, researcher at IOHK
Possibilities and limitations
8:45 pm — 9:15 pm
Discussion with Zooko Wilcox and Alexander Chepurnoy
Zooko Wilcox, ZCash CEO and Computer security expert, Alexander Chepurnoy, Сo-founder of Ergo platform, researcher at IOHK
9:15 pm — 10:00 pm